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My primary interest is studying changes in the sky: track comets, observe planets and their changing atmospheres, observe variable stars, transiting exo-planets, observe supernovae or even GRB afterglows. My secondary interest is imaging. Imaging is a fun activity on its own and very challenging as many techonologies and atmospheric conditions must cooperate.

small projects

  • I tried to determine the rotation of the sun and how it varies depending on the latitude.
  • By taking long exposure unguided wide field images, one can calculate the rotation period of the earth.
  • Supernovae decay. I am collecting images of supernovae after their discovery and observe their decay. For example I witnessed a supernova in M51 right after its discovery and saw it decay in the weeks after that.

    bigger projects

  • construction and continued improvement of my observatory. update july 2011: I replaced the tripod by a permanent steel pier, on a concrete base.
  • I am trying to image all Messier objects.
  • study of comets, especially nucleus dynamics and tail disconnects
  • Project 4PM2013: detailed study during 2013 of the four planetary nebulae in the Messier catalogue: M27, M57, M76 and M97.

    planned projects

  • construction of a solar radio telescope to record sudden ionospheric disturbances
  • installation of a weather station
  • meteor observations with an allsky camera