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Robtics 8" Ritchey Cretien
This is an 8" Ritchey-Cretien telescope mounted on a Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro mount. It is mounted on a steel pier in my observatory.
William Optics Zenithstar 80.
This is a high quality f/6 80mm refractor piggyback on my 8RC. It is used as wide field main scope, travel scope and guide scope.
Coronado PST.
This is the Coronado PST Ha (hydrogen alpha) solar telescope on a EQ-2 mount. With it one can see prominences, plages, filaments etc on the sun. Observing the sun in Ha shows how dynamic the sun really is.

Eyepieces, cameras etc

This is the complete Meade 4000 eyepieces set. In addition I have
  • a 2x Orion Barlow, Robtics 0.75x focal reducer/field flattener,
  • a 24mm widefield Meade eyepiece, 2" 28mm widefield, 2"diagonal,
  • a ND96 moonfilter, a skyglow broadband light pollution filter,
  • 2" H-alpha, OIII and SII filters and LUM filter for astrophotography.
I use the following cameras for astrophotography:
  • A canon 550D
  • ATIK 16HRC
  • ATIK 383L+
Canon EOS550D DSLR camera for prime focus and wide field photography (I have the 55mm kit lense, and a 70-200mm zoom telelens).
Atik 16HRC peltier cooled colour astronomical digital camera for prime focus deepsky photography. This is a 1 megapixel one-shot-colour camera, with cooling of the chip of 25 degrees below ambient temperature. Atik 383L peltier cooled monochrome astronomical digital camera for prime focus deepsky photography. This is an 8 megapixel camera, with active cooling at user defined temperatures.